About Us Who We Are

Please allow me to introduce myself and my company, My name is Lorne Shive.

Invest America™ was founded by Lorne Shive, an entrepreneur and an expert in the real estate world.  Mr. Shive has many years of experience with all aspects of investment real estate, including buying and selling investment properties and dealing in mortgages, banking, and insurance.

Mr. Shive works as a mentor with both national and international aspiring investors, taking a hands-on approach with each and every client.  Get in touch with Mr. Shive and “Ask his Expert Advice” on all your investing questions.  Mr. Shive says, “Being an investor has brought me to new heights and a new world.  I have enjoyed the challenge of the steep learning curve, taking action and learning at my own expense.  This has given me unique experience that can be of benefit to everyone.”

With the benefit of Mr. Shive’s experience, Invest America will help you secure your assets with a program of education and training that you can do at your own pace.  With our popular “Lunch and Learn” program and our use of strategic partnership programs, you will be generating extra cash in no time, even if you choose not to purchase or invest in real estate.

I eat, sleep, and breathe real estate… it’s my passion!

thumb2These years of experience have allowed Mr. Shive to develop solid relationships with the top lenders in the industry.  He has also developed relationships with leading closing attorneys, rehab companies, and REOs.  Mr. Shive’s goal is to help his clients enter into the world of investment real estate with as little stress as possible.  He has done all of this because he believes strongly in 100% turnkey real estate opportunities.

Mr. Shive had this to say about the marketplace, “I have been really lucky to be a part of the Memphis, TN real estate boom during the past few years.  This market has really been a secret in our nation, but is slowly becoming recognized by the media and the international community.”

Some good reasons to invest in real estate are

  • People need a place to live.
  • You can leverage off real estate.
  • When you buy right you cannot only receive “positive cash flow” meaning: money in your pocket every month, and substantial money too! You can also buy with instant equity in the property in today’s current economic climate. Remember the saying that you make your money on the purchase!
  • Real Estate has been the corner stone to wealth creation for years and years. “Like they say land they aren’t making anymore of it!”