Retirement Investing

There are many people that are aware of the jeopardy our Social Security System is in.  It is evident in the Social Security Board of Trustee’s 2006 Annual Report, that by 2017, the Social Security System will start to run in a negative cash flow and be will be totally insolvent by the year 2040!  The Social Security System and Medicare will have a total liability in today’s dollars of $45 trillion.  The nation’s total NET ASSET value, which includes all Fortune 500 companies, land mass, domestic and personal savings, and homes, is only worth $42 trillion.  That is a $3 trillion difference!  And the $45 trillion liability does NOT include any inflations or deficits or the strength of the dollar.

This information should create a sense of urgency for anyone between their mid-30s and mid-50s because they will see 2040 in their lifetimes.  Do you fall into that category?  Instead of burying our head in the sand, we must take care of ourselves, which means conducting research, consulting with our financial advisor, and working out a retirement plan.  Every one of us needs to know how much it will cost to live when we are older and we are not working full-time, when we need to pay for medication, but only want to play with our grandchildren.

At Invest America, we know how important it is to take care of ourselves, rather than rely strictly on the government to do so. We know that God helps those who help themselves.  The best thing to do is plan well, and then have a backup plan and a backup plan for the backup plan.  This is where Invest America can help you.

We will begin by educating you on the wisdom of investing in real estate, showing you the in-house development tools we use to depict the future value of the dollar and how much it will cost you now to achieve that dollar value in the future.  We will walk you through the reasons why real estate out-performs inflation and the cost of living index.  To show you our commitment to real estate investing and helping you, we will even give you a report that you can look over with your financial advisor.  Any questions you have we will be happy to answer.

We believe knowledge is power and we will arm you with all the knowledge you need about real estate investing and how to increase the rental value on your assets.  We will make sure that you have all the facts and tools you need to make sound investments.  We also have a reliable real estate investing program for retirement investing.  With this program, rental property can be purchased or private mortgage can be issued (with the property as security) with a Self Directed IRA or 401(k) plan or with personal retirement funds.

We make sure to choose properties in locations where there is a high rent-to-value ratio and employment has a history of being stable.  All of the properties we offer have been fully rehabilitated and we will find a suitable tenant and take care of all property management.

When you have multiple assets, you begin to have a backup plan to your backup plan.  Your eggs are spread between many baskets.  Call us today and join in on one of our free, no-obligation webinars or presentations or call us to schedule an in-house consultation if you reside in Memphis, TN.