Property Acquisition The ground work!

No matter what type of real estate you choose, whether it is a residential property, a rental property, a shopping center, or an office building, you want to pay as little as possible up front.  However, as an investor, what you pay for the property is only a part of the bigger picture.  The return you get on your investment is of greater importance and finding just the right piece of property is crucial when it comes to making the best possible investment.

At Invest America, we have helped many clients through the American real estate investment process.  Both experienced and beginner investors have come to us to help them find high-yield real estate investments.  Our subject matter experts are here to help, so you can come to us with ANY questions you might have about real estate investing.

We have already identified good investment properties in thriving markets such as Memphis, Florida, Houston, and throughout the Sourthern United States, and they are ready and waiting for you. We also have top-of-the-line software that will allow you to run financial models to determine the best investments to meet your financial goals.

There are two ways that you can invest in real estate:

  • Purchase the property and have it fully managed, leaving you free of the hassles of managing the property yourself.
  • Lend the funds necessary to purchase a property that Invest America has rehabbed.  You will hold a private mortgage on the property.

These options will ensure that you receive either rental payments or interest every month.

The Investment Property Acquisition Process

There are three steps Invest America follows when acquiring properties.  These include:

  • Identification of the property
  • Making comprehensive and comparative market evaluations
  • Making Wholesale Residential and Commercial Real Estate property purchases

At Invest America, we have the help of our partners and affiliates in the real estate industry when finding the best investment properties.  We have close ties with Banks and Foreclosure entities and with REO agents, and because we have long-term and solid relationships with these partners and excellent credit, we can purchase distressed properties at prices that are far below market value.  This puts us in the unique position of being able to pick and choose our assets and of obtaining high discounts and bundled deals that our partners can give to us.

“We often leverage our corporate dollars to assist our clients with acquiring investment properties”.

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